Community Mental Health

Centro Latino Americano’s Community Mental Health program supports and strengthens Latino families by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services. The mental health program provides family and individual therapy to Medicaid Beneficiaries as well as the uninsured. Uninsured clients pay for services based on a sliding-scale fee structure and may qualify for free services depending on income.

Mental Health Program Staff: 

Trevor Whitbread, Director of Programs
Evelyn Salinas Castro, Mental Health Program Coordinator
Maria Elena Cuellar, QMHP, Therapist
Yolanda Valenzuela, QMHP, Therapist
Lisette Sanchez, QMHP, Therapist
Sylvia Shaykis, QMHP, Therapist
Elisa DeVargas, QMHP, Therapist
Sarai Barrera, QMHP, Intern Terapist