Impact of COVID-19 on Immigrant and Latino Community in Lane County

The urgency to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic requires information, good information that can help us understand what is happening, what is needed, and what can be done to make sure all Lane County residents stay healthy and safe. This current situation impacts everyone at varying levels. Without understanding the various ways different populations are facing this crisis, we will fall short in our effort to make sure this pandemic ends sooner rather than later. This report strives to illuminate the experience of residents from the immigrant or Latino communities, specifically those from low-income households. It does so through the words of employees from nonprofit organizations, schools and government agencies. Many have long-standing relationships with these communities or come from the community; therefore, they possess a unique perspective and understanding about COVID-19’s impact on immigrants and Latinos in Lane County. In an attempt to gather information about the needs and issues, local service providers who specifically work with these communities were surveyed from March 30 to April 6, 2020.