Staff Members



David Sáez
Executive Director
David was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and moved to the United States at age 5. Since moving from the island, he has lived in 9 different states. David holds a B.S. in Journalism (Kent State University, 1994) and M.Ed. in Work, Community and Family Education (University of Minnesota, 2001).

Areas of expertise and training include: Wraparound 101 (October 2015); Motivational Interviewing (Jan.-Feb. 2016); Exym Electronic Health Records Implementation (Jan.-May 2016); Northwest Health Foundation Comminications Workshop (Sept. 2016); Catholic Legal Immigration Network - Comprehensive Overview of Immigration Law (Feb.-Mar. 2017); Immigrant Family Emergency Preparedness Packet (Mar. 2017); Civil Liberties Defense Center: Know Your Rights 101 (May 2017).
Trevor Whitbread
Assistant Director
Trevor is originally from Hermiston, Oregon. He holds an M.A. in Spanish literature from the University of Oregon (2012) and joined Centro in 2014.

Areas of expertise and training include: Values Based Management (December 2014); Wraparound 101 October 2015); CADCA Mid-Year Conference, Indianapolis (August 2015); Mandatory Reporter Training (November 2015); Oregon Health Plan/ONE Portal (January 2016); Motivational Interviewing (January-February 2016); Exym Electronic Health Records Implementation (January-May 2016); Trauma-Informed Care (July 2016); Northwest Health Foundation Communications Workshop (September 2016); Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale & Safety Planning (May 2017)
Andrew Nordio
Chief Operations Officer
Andrew is a first generation Italian immigrant, born in Venice. He is married to a second generation Colombian American, and father of the most incredible triplets. Andrew uses his business management experience to contribute to the empowering of the Latino community.
Basilio Sandoval
Alcohol & Addictions Program and Facilities Manager
Basilio was born in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. His career at Centro started in 1997. Basilio holds a GED from the University of Oregon's High School Equivalency Program (1987) as well as a CADC-1.

Areas of expertise and training include: Matrix Model of Intensive Drug and Alcohol treatment (2010); QPR Suicide prevention Gate Keeper Instructor (2011); Prevention Specialist Cohort Training October 2013-September 2014; Cultural Leadership training (2015);Tobacco Training, Advace Techniques Program (2015); Exym Electronic Health Records (2016); Motivational Interviewing (2016); Addictions Peer training (2017).
Evelyn Salinas Castro
Mental Health & Wraparound Program Manager

Evelyn Salinas has more than 10 years of experience working in the Mental Health field providing social services. She has worked to improve the lives of underserved Latino people, especially women, affected by immigration on both sides of the Mexican-American border. Evelyn was born in Guanajuato Mexico and moved to the US in 2013. Before moving to Eugene she lived in Athens Ohio where she earned her master’s degree in political science and a graduate certificate in women's gender and sexuality studies from Ohio University. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in social psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. Evelyn has nurtured a passion working in nonprofit agencies because she is convinced community organizing is key to affect social change. When Evelyn is not working she loves spending weekends hiking in the National Forest.

Alcohol & Addictions

Alcohol & Addictions Counselor / Problem Gambling Counseling
Juanita was born in Texas. She is fourth generation Mexican-American. As a child, she traveled with her family to Oregon, where her parents found employment in agriculture. She settled in Oregon, and formed her own family. Juanita has more than 30 years of experience as case worker, counselor, and advocate. She said: “I am a strong believer in social justice, the pursue of happiness, equal opportunity, and respectful treatment for all the individuals who seek our services. I am honored to serve the community.”
Alcohol & Addictions Counselor
Lisbet grew up in Corvallis Oregon and holds a B.S. in Family and Human Services from the University of Oregon (2012). When moving to Eugene she was happy to find an organization that provided services for the Latino community. She believes everyone has the potential to do great things when given equal opportunities. She finds working with the Latino community extremely rewarding and is here to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs one.
Alcohol & Addictions Intake Coordinator
Maria earned her High School Diploma in 2008 and is currently taking classes at Lane Community College. Areas of expertise and training include: Trauma Infomed Care 101 (December 2016), ASAM (January 2017), "Culture is the Healing Stuff" training (January 2017) MOTS Client Entry (Februaty 2017), Record Management (February 2017), Addiction Peer (April 2017), Trauma Informed Practice 101 & Trauma Infomred Pactice 201 (April 2017), "Treatment, Spirituality, and Religion" (May 2017), Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale & Safety Planing (May 2017)
Counselor in Training

Oscar was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and was raised in Hood River, Oregon. He attended Lane Community College and is pursuing a major in Psychology and minor in Spanish at the University of Oregon. He plans to graduate in 2019 and work in the alcohol and addictions field. When he is not working he enjoys exercising and spending time outdoors. "I am passionate about personal development and I love helping others become the best person they can be."

Areas of expertise and training include: Mandatory Reporter Training (October 2016), Oregon JCP Assessment Training (December 2017), Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale & Safety Planning (May 2017); Life Skills (March 2018)

Mental Health


Monica was born in Vina del Mar, Chile and moved to the United States in 2003 with her husband Patrick. She has lived in Seattle, Washington for 7 years; then moved to Sioux City, Iowa where she lived for 8 years. In 2017, she returned to the Pacific Northwest with her family. She holds a B.A. in Psychology Counseling (Morningside College, 2012) and a Master’s degree in Social Work (Boston University, 2016). She has practiced as Substance Abuse Counselor and holds a CADC and a LMSW for the state of Iowa. She was also part of the crisis intervention team that provided support to first responders after critical incidents happening in the area.


Bryan is an immigrant of Costa Rican and Panamanian descent; raised in  the Bay Area. Before being a college graduate he was a community organizer and DREAM activist. Upon graduation from San Jose State University, he earned his Masters in Counseling Marriage, Family and Child Therapy with a dual emphasis in College Counseling at San Francisco State University. A long-time slam poet and performer, he began to implement Hip Hop education with inner city youth and juvenile offenders through Insights, an AOD and trauma counseling program. Additionally, he has taught Hip Hop education to psychologist and educators in curriculum development classes. He is now a Counseling Psychology doctoral candidate with a Specialization in Spanish Language Psychological Services and Research at the University of Oregon. He provides bilingual individual and family therapy in the community. His research emphasis are on cultural competence development, immigrant psychology, DREAMer experiences, ethnic identity formation, critical consciousness, and postsecondary education attainment. He currently works with Latinx, and undocumented youth in an after-school intervention and research project. He is also working with previously detained immigrants escaping violence and seeking asylum in the U.S. He is a self-identified DREAMer, feminist, dancer, poet, and scholar-activist.


 Social Services


Francisca is first generation Mexican-American; her parents migrated to the U.S. in the 1980’s. Francisca was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles and moved to Oregon during her high school years. She has multiple years of experience in customer service and she is the first line of contact at Centro Latino and her charismatic personality will make you feel safe and welcomed. Francisca enjoys going camping, swimming, sports events and spending time with her husband and three boys. She also enjoys spending time with her dog Luna.

Wraparound Facilitator
Wraparound Family Partner
Julia is first generation Mexican-American; her parents and two older siblings migrated from Guanajuato, México to USA. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA were she earned her Certification in Medical field. She moved to Eugene, Oregon with her three kids and husband were they just fell in love with Oregon. She has been working in health field and volunteering in different Non Profit organizations in the communities for many years. Julia is the founder of xicanaymas (Las Mujeres) with the mission to empower and educate woman in positive environment. Julia loves working and serving the community.
Lane County in Spanish (LCiS) Project Coordinator
Beatriz is originally from Madras, Oregon and holds a B.S. in Family and Human Services from the University of Oregon (2012).

Areas of expertise and training include: Mandatory Reporter Training (November 2015); Cultural Competence Training (December 2015); Motivational Interviewing (Jan.-Feb. 2016); Trauma-Informed Care (July 2016)
Community Immigration Navigator

Karla is originally from Cartago, Costa Rica and moved to the United States in 2000. She became a U.S. citizen in March 2016 completed a M.A. in International Studies at the University of Oregon.

Areas of expertise and training include: Oregon Academic Advising Conference (June 2016); Coaching for Education Equity - CFEE (March 2017); Know Your Rights (in progress, June-July 2017); Certified Associate of Project Management (in progress)

Case Manager
Katharine has lived in Eugene since 2003. She is from California and holds a BA in political science from UCLA and a masters in public policy from UC Berkeley. She has experience in local government, the nonprofit sector, and community engagement and advocacy. Katharine started learning Spanish in school and through living in Mexico, Chile and Spain. She believes the entire community benefits when all community members are treated with respect and have access to opportunity. She is honored to work in service to the Latino community of Lane County.
Case Manager

Catherine comes from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She learned Spanish primarily through work and study in Chile, Argentina, and Spain. Additionally, she has worked with the Latino community living in the U.S. for many years. These roles have included social services, medical resource navigator, and OB coordinator. She and her partner moved to Oregon in 2017 to being her educational pursuit towards a Masters in Social Work. They enjoy exploring the outdoors with the two dogs and look forward to becoming a part of the Eugene community. 

Case Manager

Youth Mentoring

Program Coordinator

Estela is a UO College of Education graduate. She is a passionate youth and family advocate, working to connect youth to resources and opportunities that will help them thrive. 

Areas of expertise and training: Mandatory Reporting, Higher Education, Mentoring