Alcohol & Addictions

Our Alcohol & Addictions Program serves the needs of youth and adults who self-identify as Latinos. Our staff offers this service in a manner that affirms the person’s culture and effectively addresses language and communication barriers. Our services reflect the norms, values, and beliefs inherent to our clients’ cultural identity.

Our program offers screening, assessment, and outpatient treatment conducted in Spanish. We also offer classes on suicide prevention, addiction prevention, and early intervention classes for youth who have received minor-in-possession charges. Latino families participate in workshops that address youth addiction and mental health prevention.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to adequately address their substance abuse treatment needs. Advocates report that first generation immigrants are more inclined to seek services from organizations that are familiar with their culture, language, and background. Culturally specific community-based organizations such as Centro LatinoAmericano are more likely to understand the complex multilayered challenges and obstacles that Latino youth and recent immigrants face when attempting to access services in response to alcohol and drug addictions. Culturally specific community-based organizations are also better equipped to form essential relationships and engage their communities in the creation and implementation of services that are relevant to the diverse and unique needs of ethnic communities.

Our substance abuse treatment services are integrated into the other human and social services offered by our agency. When an individual comes to Centro LatinoAmericano seeking support to overcome substance abuse, our counselors and caseworkers are able to assist the person and his/her family with a wide range of services.

CLA bills Oregon Health Plan for services and offers a sliding fee scale for community members who are uninsured or have limited insurance coverage. No community member will be denied support based on inability to pay or enrollment in Oregon Health Plan.