Posada 2018

It’s (almost) here! Centro Latino Americano, Huerto de la Familia and Downtown Languages are gearing up to host our annual Posada Navideña. We’re so proud to have been able to host this event over the last three years and look forward to another successful event this year. This is a free public event for all families, but a concerted effort is made to invite Spanish-speaking households that engage in services at our agencies. Each year, the Posada Navideña offers the following:

A free hot meal
Live Music
Fun activities for children

In order to make this event happen and keep it free for Latinx families, we rely on support from our donors, friends, allies and community partners. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, you can find more information below:

Posada Sponsor Letter
Posada Sponsor App

Thank you, and make sure you like our page on Facebook to get updates about CLA programs and events.