Youth Mentoring


Clarisse Bianca


Centro Latino Americano’s Youth Mentoring Program serves at-risk youth in middle and high school.  The goal of the program is to increase the youth’s community engagement, develop their pro-social skills, increase their self confidence and connect them with additional resources that they may need (i.e. tutoring, counseling, job help, and more).  In order to achieve this goal, we offer our youth both one on one and group mentoring services.


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One-on-one mentoring:

A mentor is matched with a mentee for one school year (September- June) and both parties agree to spend at least six hours per month together during that year.  The mentoring coordinators match the youth with a mentor based on gender, language, and similar interests.  In the past, we have matched a female mentor with a male mentee if both parties approve of it.  The youth and mentor can do any type of pro-social, community-engaging activity that they would like.  Some past examples include:  painting, attending cultural, going for a hike, listening to a community speaker or lecture at the University of Oregon, getting food together, and going rock climbing.


Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring meets twice a month for two hours here at Centro.  Group meetings consist of one hour of pro-social, team-building interactions as well as a one hour discussion of a topic chosen by the mentoring coordinators.  Some past topics include: healthy relationships, self-care, motivation, stereotypes, and know your rights.

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Monthly Outings:

Once a month, the group mentoring program will do a monthly outing somewhere in the community20160123 Sandra.  The idea behind these outings is for the youth to get to know the community they live in while developing positive peer influences with the other youth in the program and improving their pro-social skills with a fun, safe group of people.  Some past outings include:  Snow shoeing, touring a biology lab at the University of Oregon, going to a self-defense class, going to the haunted corn maze, and attending a UO football game.IMG_6169


Summer Mentoring:

During the summers, we meet once a week as a group and do more community outings together.  The best way to describe summer mentoring is like an enriching summer camp.  We have the youth participate in a variety of activities such as:  volunteering in the community, putting on fundraising events to raise money for our program, hikes, river rafting,  and more.Rafting 06 Chicos cheveres


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact the mentoring coordinator at (541) 687-2667 or by email at